Who replaced Cayde? (2023)

Who replaced Cayde?

Fillion did not reprise his role as Cayde-6 for Forsaken, and was replaced by Nolan North for the expansion.

Who is the Hunter Vanguard now?

The Hunter Vanguard position had been vacant for two years prior to Andal Brask and Cayde's bet, and Andal's Dare concluded with Cayde thinking he had killed Taniks, thus leading to the former becoming the new Hunter Vanguard.

Who was Cayde-6 before exo?

Cayde used to be a human soldier with a large debt over his head, when he was approached by Clovis Bray to have his debt removed. The job offer itself isn't explicitly stated, but what Cayde remembers next is coming to Europa where he was converted into an Exo.

Is Crow the new Hunter Vanguard?

In the lore Andal Brask didn't seem like a fun loving guy at all. As a matter of fact Crow fits the job perfectly because he completed the hunter vanguard dare which means he automatically gets the Hunter vanguard job because he killed Cayde-6.

Who was ace to Cayde-6?

Ace is Cayde-6's son who he mostly forgot about after becoming an Exo. Little is known about Ace other than that Cayde, unable to contact his family after he sold himself to Clovis Bray's Exo Program, kept a journal which he addressed to Ace. Cayde also named his prized hand cannon, the Ace of Spades, after him.

Is Eris Morn the Hunter Vanguard?

Eris Morn is a former Hunter and member of the Hidden who serves the Vanguard as their expert on Hive lore. She is the sole survivor of the ill-fated fireteam led by herself and Eriana-3 that attempted to assassinate Crota after The Great Disaster.

Why did Cayde-6 name his gun ace?

Well when Sundance first revived him, he was holding a journal with the name Ace in it, who Cayde believes to be his son from his past life. Despite his lack of memory of the child, Cayde still wrote journal entries addressed to Ace. His weapon name is another way of keeping that thread of memory alive.

Could there be a Cayde 7?

There will be no Cayde-7, even if Cayde is somehow brought back. First, Cayde will not be brought back.

Why does Cayde have 6 in his name?

The reasoning behind Cayde-6's name is that he has been rebooted six times. Each time an Exo is rebooted they lose a little more of their memories and have the numeric of their name go up one.

Who is the leader of the Vanguard?

Mortimer (Tim) Buckley is chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Vanguard. Previously, he was Vanguard's chief investment officer, overseeing the company's internally managed stock, bond, and money market portfolios as well as its investment research and methodology. Mr.

Could Amanda come back as a Guardian?

Just when we think that Crow is past the point of no return, Amanda comes back as a guardian. She helps him return to the Vanguard and Crow's return to normalcy.

Who was the first Titan Vanguard?

The Vanguard was formed in the City Age, with Tallulah Fairwind, Saint-14 and Osiris becoming the first Vanguard.

Who are Cayde's children?

To answer the question simply, Ace is the son of Cayde-6. Players were first introduced to the character early in Destiny 2 by picking up Letter Fragments.

Who is carrying Cayde's body?

It's our guardian the same guardian that spawns in with cayde in the other trailer - it's supposed to represent us/our guardians.

Who killed Zavala's son?

Hakim was the son of Commander Zavala and his lover Safiyah. He was born during the Dark Age and was killed by the Fallen.

Who is the Vanguard guy in destiny?

Commander Zavala is an Awoken Guardian who serves as the Vanguard of the Titan class, and overall Vanguard Commander of The Last City. Stern and uncompromising, Zavala's only goal is to safeguard humanity within the Last City against all threats.

Who was the Hunter Vanguard before Cayde?

Andal Brask was the former Hunter Vanguard before Cayde-6 took the post.

Who is guy on cover of Vanguard?

Press play to listen to this article! Got it! Chiké Okonkwo, who portrays Arthur Kingsley in Call of Duty: Vanguard, thinks the game's campaign ... [+]

Why did Cayde become the Hunter Vanguard?

After the death of his friend, Andal Brask, at the hands of Taniks, the Scarred, Cayde took on the Vanguard Dare. To his regret, he lost the bet and was forced to accept the challenge of becoming the new Hunter Vanguard.

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