What not to say to Marines? (2023)

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What should you not say to a Marine?

20 Things You Should Never Say to Someone in the Military
  • "How many people have you killed?" ...
  • "What kind of action did you see in combat?" ...
  • "When are you done?" ...
  • "I'm glad you made it back in one piece." ...
  • "How could you leave your family for so long?" ...
  • "What do you think about what's going on in the news?"
Nov 11, 2020

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Is it disrespectful to say oorah to a Marine?

Yes, a civilian can say "Oorah" to a Marine. "Oorah" is a motivational cry or cheer that is commonly associated with the United States Marine Corps. While it is primarily used within the Marine Corps as a form of camaraderie and encouragement, it is not exclusive to Marines.

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What are Marines always faithful to?


Latin for “Always Faithful,” Semper Fidelis is the motto of every Marine—an eternal and collective commitment to the success of our battles, the progress of our Nation, and the steadfast loyalty to the fellow Marines we fight alongside.

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Is it disrespectful to call a Marine a soldier?

Marines are distinguished by their mission, their training, their history, their uniform and their esprit de corps. You would not call a sailor a soldier, an airman a soldier, and certainly you should not call a Marine a soldier.

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What do Marines like to be called?

terms were meant as insults to Marines, but the Corps and its members embraced them. Three such words are “gyrenes,” “jarheads,” and “grunts.” Their times of origin and usage differ somewhat, but each has the same role in the Marine Corps culture. They have become a source of pride for all Marines.

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Is it rude to salute a Marine?

A salute is part of an official protocol that active soldiers follow, and outside official duties, the military salute is rarely displayed. With that in mind, a salute from a civilian may feel uncomfortable or awkward.

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Is it offensive to say Semper Fi?

Finally, it is just fine to say “Semper Fi” to any Marine. Semper Fidelis is Latin for “Always Faithful,” and the motto of every Marine.

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What does 3 5 mean in the Marines?

3rd Battalion, 5th Marines (3/5, nicknamed Dark Horse) is an infantry battalion in the United States Marine Corps. The battalion is based at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California and consists of approximately 1,000 Marines and Fleet Marine Force Navy personnel.

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What is the Marines battle cry?

Oorah is a battle cry common in the United States Marine Corps since the mid-20th century. It is comparable to hooah in the US Army and hooyah in the US Navy and US Coast Guard. It is most commonly used to respond to a verbal greeting or as an expression of enthusiasm. (Source: Wikipedia.)

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What do most Marines suffer from?

Co-Occurring Mental Health Issues in the U.S. Marine Corps

PTSD is one of the most common mental health disorders found among the U.S. Marines7, and anxiety and depression are common as well. Some of the signs of PTSD include: Flashbacks and nightmares related to the trauma. Avoiding reminders of the trauma.

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Why do Marines never leave a man behind?

The principle of “never leaving a man behind” is based on the idea that every member of a military unit is critical to the success of the mission. If a soldier is wounded, lost, or captured, the unit must make every effort to recover or rescue them, even if it puts other members of the unit at risk.

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What do Marines call privates?

In the United States Marine Corps, private (Pvt) refers only to the lowest enlisted rank, just below private first class. A Marine Corps private wears no uniform insignia and is sometimes described as having a "slick sleeve" for this reason. Most new, non-officer Marines begin their military career as a private.

What not to say to Marines? (2023)
What do Marines call their friends?

POGs and Grunts – Though every Marine is a trained rifleman, infantry Marines (03XX MOS) lovingly call their non-infantry brothers and sisters POGs (pronounced “pogue,”) which is an acronym that stands for Personnel Other than Grunts. POGs call infantrymen Grunts, of course. 16.

What is Marines called if not soldiers?

Each branch of the military has its own mission, training, history, uniform, and esprit de corps. As a result, the members of each branch also have their own name: the Army has soldiers, the Navy has sailors or seamen, the Air Force has airmen, the Space Force has spacemen, and the Marine Corps has Marines.

What is the saying when a Marine dies?

Marines die, that's what we're here for. But the Marine Corps lives forever. And that means YOU will live forever.” – GySgt. Hartman.

What is a famous Marine saying?

"Retreat Hell! We've just got here!" (Attributed to several World War I Marine Corps officers, Belleau Wood, June 1918.) "Once a Marine, always a Marine!"

What is a code red in the Marines?

A "code red" is how they refer to hazing a Marine and is strictly against Marine Corps policy. At 1:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning, "The Ten" entered Alvarado's barracks room. They restrained a sleeping Alvarado, binding him with tape and stuffing a pillow case into his mouth as a gag.

Who drops salute first?

Customs and courtesies

The enlisted member of choice renders the first salute to the new 2ndLt. The 2ndLt returns the first salute and cuts (drops) the salute first. The 2ndLt shakes hands with the enlisted servicemember, passing them a silver dollar (with the other hand) as they do.

Why do Marines salute with palm down?

The U.S. military's salute, while influenced by that of the British military, differs slightly in that the palm of the hand faces down towards the shoulder. This difference may date back to the days of sailing ships, when tar and pitch were used to seal the timber from seawater.

Why are Marines more respected than Army?

The Marine Corps members are called marines, not soldiers, and they typically have to go through much more intense basic training than those in the Army do, creating a reputation for being some of the toughest and most highly trained fighters.

How does a civilian greet a Marine?

If you don't know their rank, you can always use “sir” or “ma'am.” Otherwise, try to follow the guidelines below. Civilians should not salute servicemembers, since the salute is an official military gesture, but it is NOT disrespectful for a civilian to use proper titles to greet military servicemembers.

What does the Navy say instead of Semper Fi?

Other sources claim that “Semper Fortis” – Latin for “Always Courageous” – is the Navy's unofficial motto; considering that the Navy was founded in the 18th century, when sailing in a Navy required venturing out into the unknown of the vast oceans, some still uncharted, this emphasis on courage seems fitting.

Can a civilian say until Valhalla?

Can a Civilian Say 'Until Valhalla'? Whether a civilian can say 'until Valhalla' is a matter of personal preference and cultural sensitivity. Some individuals, particularly those with a military background, might view the phrase as exclusive to military personnel and their shared experiences.

How do Marines say goodnight?

Goodnight Chesty Puller | Goodnight, Chesty, wherever you are. (U.S. Marine Corps video by MCAS Iwakuni) | By U.S. Marine Corps | Facebook.

Why do Marines say Booyah?

Hooyah is the battle cry used in the United States Navy and the United States Coast Guard to build morale and signify verbal acknowledgment. It originated with special operations communities, especially the Navy SEALs, and was subsequently adopted by other Navy divisions.

Do you say ex Marine?

Contrary to calling a retired Marine or a Marine who got out of service an ex-Marine, they should be referred to as “former enlisted” or “former commissioned officers,” Hoke said.

What is the most badass Marine unit?

2/5 is the most highly decorated battalion in the Marine Corps, and their motto, "Retreat, Hell!", comes from the French trenches of World War I, when a Marine officer named Lloyd W. Williams was advised by a French officer to retreat and replied, "Retreat?

What does 1 7 mean in Marines?

On order, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines locates, closes with, and destroys the enemy by fire and maneuver or repels the enemy's assault by fire and close combat.

What is 0 5 in the Marines?

Lieutenant Colonel LtCol

Why do Marines say Ooh Rah?

The term 'OoRah' is said to be local slang for 'farewell' or 'until then', although it is likely to be a mishearing of the more common 'ooroo'. The 1st Amphibious Reconnaissance Company, FMFPAC can be credited with the introduction of "Oo-rah!" into the Marine Corps in 1953, shortly after the Korean War.

Why are angry Marines so angry?

The Angry Marines are a popular homebrew Chapter of Space Marines, and by far the most famous homebrew to gain fame outside the realm of 40K. They are angry for the Emprah and skittles.

Why are Marines so aggressive?

The aggressive culture of the Marine Corps was born out of the Spanish-American war in 1898 as a way to differentiate the Corps from the Navy, said Heather Venable, an associate professor at the Air Command and Staff College and author of “How the Few Became the Proud,” an early history of the Marine Corps' mystique.

Are Marines deadlier than Army?

Data from recent wars indicate that a wounded Marine had a 20% lower risk of dying than an Army soldier. Possible reasons for this difference are (1) Navy care is superior, (2) soldiers sustained more severe wounds, and (3) the services count casualties differently.

Why can't Marines walk on grass?

The military doesn't really issue explanations along with their rules, so everyone has a different explanation as to why troops can't walk on the grass on base. The consensus seems to be that it's unbecoming. Some say that taking a shortcut is symbolic and antithetical to military motivation and commitment.

What do Marines never do?

Never lie, never cheat or steal; abide by an uncompromising code of integrity; respect human dignity and respect others. Honor compels Marines to act responsibly, to fulfill our obligations and to hold ourselves and others accountable for every action.

Why do Marines talk weird?

Much of the language that you might hear a Marine use is based upon terms you'd associate with a ship. For example, even when on land, Marines refer to a wall as a bulkhead. While some of the usage has undoubtedly faded away over the course of time, this tradition is still quite prevalent in boot camp.

What do Marines call a bed?

Rack: A bed. Marines are weapons, so they are stored in “racks” instead of sleeping in “beds.” Scuttlebutt: A water fountain (to be honest this is not used very often).

What do Marines call a school?

All graduates of Marine Corps recruit training attend the School of Infantry (SOI). Marines who graduate from recruit training at MCRD San Diego will attend SOI–West. Marines who graduate from recruit training at MCRD Parris Island will attend SOI–East.

Do Marines call themselves ex Marines?

Veteran Marines

The notion that "Once a Marine, Always a Marine" has led to the objection to the use of the term "ex-Marine"; in fact, it is often considered a grievous insult.

What does 10 mikes out mean?

A “mike” in military language is a minute. “ Wait one mike” is like saying “wait one minute” or “we're 15 mikes out” means we are 15 minutes away. “ Mike” is the military phonetic for the letter M in the alphabet – such as alpha bravo charlie (A B C)

Is dating a Marine worth it?

Conclusion. Dating a Marine is not for everyone. There are unique challenges you will face if you decide to commit to a relationship with a Marine. However, Marines have many positive contributions to relationships such as their commitment to detail and their ability to preserver even when life gets difficult.

How do you say OK in military?

1.) Roger That. “OK,” “Understood,” and “Yes, sir/ma'am” are all acceptable replacements for this military phrase. The general public will understand what you mean if you do slip up, but it is not a common saying among civilians.

What are Marines known for?

Marines are trained to improvise, adapt, and overcome all obstacles in all situations. They possess the willingness and the determination to fight and to keep fighting until victory is assured. Watch how Marines make critical decisions at a moment's notice.

What do Marines call their jobs?

Marines are trained in many different roles but fight each battle together, positioning our Nation out front to win on any front. There are hundreds of these roles available for aspiring Marines, roles the Marine Corps refers to as Military Occupational Specialties (MOS).

What is the most respected military branch?

The Marine Corps is the most respected branch of the US military by a wide margin, according to a 2014 Gallup poll. Interestingly, the same poll found that Americans consider the Army to be the most important military branch.

Is it OK to say thank you for your service to a Marine?

Actually Say “Thank You”

The easiest way to express gratitude to a service member is to simply say the words “thank you for your service.” However, while thanking them, you can make your words far more impactful by explaining what your connection is to the military – are you a veteran?

Can you kiss a Marine in uniform?

Do not expect or offer public displays of affection whenever a service member is in uniform. However, brief kisses and hugs are acceptable during deployments and homecomings. Eating, drinking, using a cellphone and smoking while walking is generally banned in uniform.

What do you say when you swear into the Marines?


What is the popular Marine saying?

The Marine Corps Motto That Marines have lived up to their motto, "Semper Fidelis" (Always Faithful), is proven by the fact that there has never been a mutiny among U.S. Marines. This motto was adopted about 1883. Before that, there had been three mottoes, all traditional rather than official.

How do you tell a Marine thank you?

Thank you for your service to this country. Your bravery, sacrifice, and strength do not go unnoticed, and we will always be indebted to you and your family for all that you have given to the country. I would like to thank you very much for your service! Thank you for your time, bravery, and sacrifice for this country.

What does Tango Mike mean in the military?

Tango Mike: Thanks Much. Tango Uniform: Toes Up, meaning killed or destroyed. Tango Yankee: Thank You.

Do military members like to be thanked?

The Cohen Veterans Network created a poll for veterans to determine if they like to be thanked. Turns out, 49% of them don't. WASHINGTON — Veterans Day is a holiday across the U.S. created to honor former military members, and many express their gratitude by thanking vets for their service in the armed forces.

Do you shower together in the Marines?

There's no way out of communal showers. They're required. Everyone in your barracks will enter the shower room assigned to your barracks when commanded. The shower area is one large tiled room with multiple shower heads along the walls.

Is dating a Marine hard?

There are unique obstacles to dating a Marine that require you to be flexible and understanding, even if you feel lonely or out of place. Also, there are many benefits to being in a relationship with a Marine. However, you will find all relationships have pros and cons depending on your partner.

Do Marines wear their uniform when they get married?

Grooms (this can also apply to the Bride if the Bride is military) wear the uniform of the Army, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard. A groom from the US Marines wears white gloves and carries a saber. If he is from the Navy or Coast guard, he wears a sword.

What do Marines call gossip?

Scuttlebutt in slang usage means rumor or gossip, deriving from the nautical term for the cask used to serve water (or, later, a water fountain).

What do Marines say for yes?

Out in the Marine Corps (and its sister service, the Navy) , the distinction is simple: “Yes, sir” is a response to a Yes/No question, whereas “Aye aye, sir” is a response to an order and means “I understand and will comply.”


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